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blogger logoI will not tell you my whole story as this can be a very lengthy post. I can tell you this, I do not remember how many blogs I have created, how many templates I have used, how many affiliate programs I have signed up for, and how many times I screwed up everything, and went back to the drawing board. For very few reasons, I decided that I will stick first, to one blog, and opted to use as my host. At this point, I had registered my own domain, pointed it to Google, and I was good to go.

Actually, let me elaborate further about I first started with classic blogger (not so good), and then moved on to blogger in draft. I am not a technical wizard nor I intend to be one. However, I have learned a lot about using and its features, and as I moved on, I learned more. I now consider myself to be a relatively good user (as there is still a lot to learn), and also in a position where I can help others to solve some basic problems they might have. It is therefore safe to say, that I am not prepared to let go of everything, I have already learned. I guess, in essence, this is why I love

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against other solutions. I know that there are plenty of other alternatives (maybe even better), nevertheless, this is the place I am comfortable with. In addition, it is Free, Reliable, Easy to Use, and has a vast amount of support coming from other fellow bloggers, and their Official Blogger Help Group site. Makes sense?

Well, that’s it. This is a short one:) My point is, learn as much as you can and stick to it. Changing for the better is good, although it can seriously hamper your abilities to move forward. Theoretically, we should all know when that time has come.

BTW, my Template was provided by eblogtemplates. I recommend this site, should you wish to upgrade your template, as they provide you with all the necessary instructions for installation, has a huge collection of templates for blogger (and for WP too), and it is free. Here is an example of one of my favorites – The WP Polaroid Theme (new window will open). Happy blogging…

Blogger In Draft
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