Why Does a DJ Need Insurance?

As a DJ, you know how much preparation goes into an even: putting together a setlist of music to play, transporting and setting up your equipment – it’s a challenging process. Attending such events also carries a certain amount of risk. 

That’s where insurance comes in. And we’re not talking about your health or car insurance. Of course, you should have those as well. What we want to discuss in this article is DJ insurance. 

“DJ insurance? What’s that, and why do I need it?” Glad you asked. Your equipment can cost several thousand dollars, and you’re transporting it to different venues where it can get damaged. Let’s not forget that when you’re working, you’re around a lot of people who are partying. 

And most venues will also require you to have liability insurance to hire you, and even if they don’t, it’s a useful thing to have. 

It’s fine if you haven’t spent much time thinking about the subtleties of DJ insurance. We’ve got your back. Here’s a rundown of what it covers and why you should get it.

Protect Your Equipment

The best DJ insurance always includes protection for your equipment. Your equipment is your livelihood, and it’s not cheap. Equipment insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacements if your equipment gets damaged or stolen while it’s in your home or at an event. 

Unfortunately, being a DJ means you’re often working in an unpredictable environment. While you’re performing at a venue, someone might spill a drink or knock over your equipment, damaging it. Your equipment can also get damaged while being transported to the venue because of an accident. 

Theft is another concern. Your equipment might get stolen while being transported to a venue, at the venue, or from your home. If that happens, your insurance will cover its value. 

DJ Insurance Protects You from Liability

While it may appear that DJs just sit in the safety of their booths, playing music, and are not at risk of being involved in an accident, that’s not reality. 

As we mentioned before, as a DJ, you’re often working in an unpredictable environment. You’re in venues packed with people that are there to drink and have fun. Maybe one of them trips over a wire from your equipment. They don’t just damage the equipment, they also hurt themselves. 

You need public liability insurance to protect yourself in case accidents like this happen. Even though this type of insurance is optional, most venues will insist you have it, so getting coverage won’t just protect you from financial loss, it will help get more work. 

Secure Your Income

If something happens and you are no longer able to perform, you will lose money. Then, a DJ insurance policy that provides coverage for exactly these types of situations can come in handy. 

Let’s say you get injured, so you can’t perform for a couple of months. This insurance will cover your income for this period. 

This insurance will also cover your income if you can’t work because your equipment is damaged or stolen. 


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