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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week and it is again time for that weekly roundup. Anyway, what’s happening? Well, one of those “happenings” I am sure you have been seeing around lately, are those mind boggling news regarding “employers” asking employees or prospective candidates, for their FaceBook passwords.

What’s up with that? I really am trying very hard to understand the reasoning behind all this.. Anyone of you could shed some light? Will help me a great deal to understand, why would an employer ask for your FaceBook password… Yeah, yeah.. They want to know if you have been behaving yourself, is one of them, right? There has got to be a joke somewhere I am missing… Anyway, has your employer asked for your FaceBook password, or any other account? If they did, FaceBook says don’t give it to them. Want to get rich? Record the conversation and sue them, lol.

On a side note, Google analytics announced yesterday about their newest update to measure your sites performance, dubbed Page Timings. According to Google, the updated  Site Speed report distills all the key metrics into a quick & easy to read Overview report.

The Overview report provides an at-a-glance view of essential information for measuring your site’s page loading metrics: Avg. Page Load Time by Browser, Country/Territory, and Page. Plus you can compare your site’s average performance over time to forecast trends and view historical performance. All of these tools can help you identify where your pages may be underperforming and adjust so more visitors land on your site instead of waiting in frustration or leaving.

So, what does that tell you? That they are increasingly paying attention to your sites speed loading time. If there was any doubt as to this metric being an important factor for rankings, I guess that’s out of the way. Are you using WordPress? Here’s some useful tips on how to make your site load faster.

Last but not least, you know those moments that make Twitter so special?  Twitter announced their own weekly roundup, using the hashtag #OnlyOnTwitter.

As usual, in no particular order.


Blogging/Online Business (tips and tools)

Social Web/Other Stuff

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How much time should I spend on meta tags, and which ones matter?

Matt answers his own question. Pay attention…

BTW, if you are interested, you may want to participate on SEOMoz’s survey. Rand Fishkin is offering some real cool incentives, an iPad3, among other things. Go to Please Help: Take + Share the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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  • #SEO Page Timings, #OnlyOnTwitter, FaceBook Moments, SEO, Speedlink 12:2012: Hello everyone! Hope you all h… #SMO

  • Hello Mr Francisco,

    Sorry, this comment is really not related to this post. I just came here to say THANKS A LOT for all your support, help and suggestions. Finally, I’m on WordPress!

    • Hey Abhi. This is SpeedLink, so you will never be off topic 🙂 Anyway, glad to see you on WP and so far, all things are looking good. Happy?

      • Yep! Very happy, actually. I have started to work with SEO for my blog. 😀

        Thank you for all your help. 🙂

  • I can see no reason for an employer to ask for an employees Facebook account info. On the other hand, I do know of employees who take advantage of their employees by spending time on their Facebook accounts when they should be working. Maybe an employer would like to see if the last time the employee posted on their Facebook was on company time. 🙂

    Donnie Baird

    • LOL, I know what you mean. I guess it should be the employers job to ensure that employees don’t use their “work time” by FaceBooking 🙂 Perhaps, blocking access won’t cut it, but I am sure that the IT dept of such employers can generate logs of their users. And…

  • Is that really happening DiTesco? Kind of nuts, really. Delving a little too deep into background checks if you ask me. Employers are becoming aggressive these days with social media…glad I work myself 😉

    Thanks for sharing the update!


    • Hi Ryan. As it so seems, this is actually happening and it is actually kind of mind blogging.. Makes no sense, but hey, that’s me talking. I’m with, glad I don’t have employers to respond to 🙂 Just to my clients, but they never ask for my FaceBook password, lol

  • I would consider this an invasion of privacy. If an employer need to see your facebook page that bad I do not think that employer is really worth working for. I’m sure they could see your updates on their own facebook page, if you were kind enough to accept them as a friend.!!

    • Hah! that’s probably one thing that one should seriously consider first.. befriend an employer 🙂 Like you said, an employer how acts this way is probably a wise move to stay away from them

  • Employers asking for Facebook access is a fairly popular topic in the news here the past week. What exactly they might be looking for or what kind of discrimination they might be doing as a result is a good question. I used to say I wonder if something someone posted online will catch up with them one day.

    • Hi Ray. yep, it is very complicated to control sometimes what you put out of the sphere. This is why, I stay away from “personal” stuff as much as I can. And if I do share something, to family, friends, etc., the digital way, I make sure that there is nothing there that could be “interpreted” in a wrong way. Employers, potential clients, etc., who knows what they are looking for.. better safe, I guess. Still, does not justify asking for passwords

  • Page Timings, #OnlyOnTwitter, FaceBook Moments, SEO, Speedlink 12:2012 via @DiTesco

  • Page Timings, #OnlyOnTwitter, FaceBook Moments, SEO, Speedlink 12:2012 via @ditesco

  • Page Timings, #OnlyOnTwitter, FaceBook Moments, SEO, Speedlink 12:2012 via @ditesco

  • I think there is no reason of giving Facebook password to anyone. It’s quite personal account. So if get an informative make a phone call or send email or talk live there are many ways. Very helping video in understanding meta tags and their usage.

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