Messenger Courses for Marketing Success

What is Marketing?

This is a process whereby a company or business brand takes on the task to promote its services and products. This can also include, but not limited to, advertising and research. It is essentially a relationship with your client and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Companies use marketing as a way to entice and attract potential clientele to buy into what they are trying to sell.

They show the possible customers that what they are looking for, is with their company. The business’s make them want what they have.

Similar to the peacock with its gorgeous feathers and colors, shimmering along and shaking what his mama gave him. All to get his lady friend to look in his direction. A dance between customer and business.

And now the ‘Bot’ has come in and is helping in so many areas.

In today’s world, we have seen the increased use of robotic assistants. Whether it’s an Alexa puck looking object to a Siri talking pebble. Homes and companies are using them more and relying on them for quick-fire information.

My kids speak to our bot every single morning without fail. What’s the weather? Sing Happy Birthday. Tell me a joke. They can come up with all sorts of questions and can be entertained non-stop. I listen for the first part as it always starts with the weather, and I need to know if I need to wear every knitted jumper I own or not.

Needless to say, when she isn’t plugged in, I almost miss her.

What is a Bot?

Companies are integrating more what they call ‘Chatbots,’ and as the name suggests it comes from ‘Robot’, which chats to you. It simulates a human conversation via a computer program.  Take a minute and watch here to get a better grip on things.

So, this program that has been housed in many different forms artificially copies the human interaction patterns, it can interact via voice or Instant Messaging, which is the preferred feature businesses are moving forward with.

Function of a Bot.

Essentially it is like a P.A, except you don’t see them or have to wonder what Christmas gift to give them at the end of the year.

Keeping up with all the customer queries and questions, emails and messages, appointments or food orders can be a struggle and soon become overwhelming. Having your bot be programmed with a simulated set of questions and answers as it would be in a real conversation, and soon it’s doing the work for you.

Anything that does come up that hasn’t been pre-programmed and it’s unable to answer will only then be sent to you to handle or deflected to a human operator. Either way, it will try to learn from that situation.

The great thing is a bot can work independently from a human, so need to keep hovering over and keep an eye. They are programmed with a script and machine learning ability, and when asked a question, it will answer based on the information it has at that time.

If you have a customized bot, which I assume you would do as no business is the same or wants to achieve the same outcomes, unless that outcome is a mega success then yes, I suppose it is the same.

Nevertheless, your bot can automatically ask the right questions and prioritize and extend conversations to provide efficient support.


Like with all things, bots do need updating and upgrading from time to time. See, the sophistication of the underlying software is what determines the bot’s complexity. If the data is not updated, it will soon become useless.

You Want a Bot, Now What?

There are courses and programs you can complete to get the full knowledge of what it’s going to take to get this perk for your business. They will teach you on creating, setting up and programming your messenger platform. Click here for a hand up in messenger courses, and get your company keeping up with the Jones’s.

What is a Bot going to Cost Me?

While I don’t want to scare you, we do need to realize that to make money you have to spend money. Each is unique so I couldn’t give a set figure. But the more features you would like, the more it will cost. However, this also means that you can make that output back in no time with the influx of new business.

Why is Messenger so Influential?

More than a billion people use messaging apps regularly as a means of communication, it is the preferred means of talking. And will soon become one of your most important channels of marketing.

Sigh. Gone are the days when we would phone and speak to a person on the other end of the line.

Kids of the new generation will never know the fun of lying sprawled over the floor while on the phone which was attached to the wall of course-and twirling the thick phone cord around till it was a mess.

But hey ho, times move on and so must we.

5 Advantages to Using a Messenger Feature.

  • Besides the fact that everyone’s phones are glued to their hands, it’s so much faster.
  • You can reach all the staff without having to bring them all into one physical room using conference features.
  • Staff can also chat with customers or companies online, it’s instant, and you have it all on record.
  • You can see ongoing projects via face time without having to go to the site.
  • Messenger bots can relieve some of the remedial weight of mundane tasks.

If we think about it, we rely on messaging apps or platforms non-stop. Some people go into panic mode when their app has crashed or they can’t log in for whatever reason. We need to chat, we need to send emoji’s, but we don’t want to talk?

I guess it’s a good thing, sometimes we aren’t in the mood for people. We don’t want to have to deal with other people’s happiness if we are in a couch potato mood.

 But, we can still get the work done at the end of the day and that’s all that matters.


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