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Through experimentation and analysis of patents that Google has submitted, we’ve come to know some interesting things about what the engine values, says Rand of Moz.com. The video below covers some of what Google likely learns from certain user behavior, in particular queries, CTR, and long vs. short clicks.

The Impact of Queries, Long and Short Clicks, and Click Through Rate on Google’s Rankings

Demystifying SEO: How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup

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SEO has changed an awful lot in the past years. There was a time were “lots of keywords” in the body on your content was one of the easiest ways to tell Google what your content was all about. That tactic was later known to be as keyword stuffing and with Google’s updates in the past few years, it’s become clear that keyword stuffing no longer helps you rank (in fact, it hurts you).

Now, Google looks at several on-page factors to determine a page’s relevancy and the name of the game is to just write quality content and let Google worry about the rest. Well, not really sure about that because if everyone does the same, how would Google determine which one should rank better than the other? SEOs can, and often should, optimize their content further. Even if you write the content yourself, you need to play the parts of both the writer and the SEO.

How can you optimize your content further? Great question and fortunately Neil of QuickSprout.com provides one main way, that is heavily underutilized by many of us. This method is through Schema Markup (microdata). Learn from this article how you can send “hidden messages to Google”.

The 4 Biggest Pinterest Marketing Mistakes


Kevan Lee says on a post in searchenginejournal.com that he made a lot of mistakes with Pinterest, both in the Pins that he created and the strategies and plans he set in motion. He came to discover that Pinterest has nothing to do with how Twitter and Facebook works and, all these mistakes have been a wonderful opportunity for him to learn. He also says that he is grateful for the chance he had to keep improving his Pinterest strategy, and shares with us all some of the biggest mistakes and the new perspectives gained from researching and experimenting with the best ways to pin on Pinterest.

  1. To start here’s what we (should) know about Pinterest.
  2. Optimal timing matters less, given Pinterest’s long shelf life
  3. Followers don’t matter (as much)
  4. Pinterest isn’t a social network like Facebook and Twitter
  5. Pinterest is brand-centric

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