DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #12

ditesco_weekly_echoHello everyone. Another week has gone by and hopefully you all had a blast these past days. For those who celebrated Thanksgiving, belated, and I hope you enjoyed the festivities.

If you are new here, every week, I post a roundup on just about anything I found interesting, fun and informative. This is my way of saying thanks to all:) I will skip that I’m sorry for the delay thing, again.

As usual, and in no particular order:
Improve Your WordPress Page Load Performance: Justin provides some easy to use plugins to help speed up you page loading time. Very useful, specially if the “buzz” about Google saying that it might include page speed as one of their ranking factors in the future.

The best 50 blogging ideas to choose from: are you running out of ideas on what to write next? Here are 50 tips that are sure to open your minds for that next killer post.

5 tips to get the most out of Sponsored Tweets: Making money with Twitter is now booming. One of the most talked about is SponsoredTweets. Here are the 5 things to keep in mind to get the most out of Sponsored Tweets.

Questionable (Twitter) marketing tactics: A very interesting personal experience.

7 Tips on how to become a better twitterer: Very useful tips to enjoy and get the most from your tweets.

10 Quick Alexa Reviews for my Blog Buddies: Another tribute from Ms. Freeman. This time, Alexa reviews.

55 56 Famous Bloggers Interviews in one Place Between your Hands: Hesham, this almost non-stop blogging machine shares some of his moments and of course, to boast about his milestone on FBC. Well deserved.

19 One Click Applications For Common Tasks: A list of 19 apps from virtually any category that requires nothing but one (1) click to get in going. Awesome..

How to Earn Money from Blogging: Simple and yet very effective tips to get you started on MMO. Short list, but powerful (if you take action of course)

The Official Blog Engage Introduction Video: If you are still wondering how to use BlogEngage’s features, then you must watch this. I learned 50% more than I already knew. Great job..

and finally, after all this, you deserve a little bit of relaxation and a good laugh. Good for the lungs:) Hit this link within 5 seconds of it will self-destruct…. The Pigeon Impossible. Then come back again:)

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to be continued (next week)… Have a great week ahead.


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