6 Easy Things to Increase Your Number of Followers on Instagram

Connecting with people you know or even with strangers from around the world is part of human nature. Instagram is a great way to do this because this is one of the hottest social media sites around the world. Millions of people use Instagram each and every day. Celebrities, CEOs, politicians, teenagers, and grandparents all use Instagram to follow their friends and idols and to stay current with what is going on in the world. If you are looking to get more followers, there are some simple things you can do to increase your number of follows.

#1) Posting At The Right Time

There are certain times throughout the day and throughout the week that you should post things on Instagram to get more attention and to ultimately increase your number of followers. If you are wondering when might be the best time to post on Instagram, it is during the week and is generally at 5 a.m. and then between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Posting first thing in the morning, around 5 a.m., is a great way to reach more people because one of the first things everyone does when they wake up in the morning is to check their social media sites. If you post something at 5 a.m., it is likely that you will have all of your followers reading your post. During the week, it is also good to post around 11 a.m. when people are checking their sites at their lunch break. Another great time to post during the week is around 3 p.m. when people start taking a mental break from work. Posting at the right time on Instagram can help you reach a larger number of people and can help you increase the number of followers you have.

#2) Use Hashtags


Hashtags are very popular on Instagram and using them can help attract attention to your page and help you increase the number of followers you get. You should use the most popular hashtags to help attract attention to your page. The popularity of hashtags can change frequently depending on which celebrities make certain hashtags hot, but some hashtags, like #instafollow, always remain popular and can help you increase your followers.

#3) Promote Your Instagram Account

Marketing yourself on the Internet is a great way to draw attention to your profile. We all want to connect with one another, share our expertise, market ourselves and our companies, and voice our opinions about hot issues. You can use other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to promote your own Instagram account. Some people may not follow you on Instagram but may follow you on Twitter. If this is the case they may see your tweet and then want to follow you on Instagram.

#4) Increase Follower Participation

When you post a photo on your Instagram account, you should consider posting a question in the captions. Asking a question can attract attention from your followers and start a debate. This can increase the number of people talking about your post and wanting to answer the question. When attention to your post increases, the number of followers you get will also increase. 

#5) Like Other’s Photos

When you look at other people’s photos on Instagram, you have the option to like them. The more you like other people’s photos, the more likely you are to get them to like your photos back. This can help you increase the number of followers you get. Everyone wants to know that people like what they post. If you are liking other photos, you are giving them attention but also getting attention back. Even if someone has never looked at your photos before, it is likely that after you like theirs, they will check yours out.

#6) Keep Quality Photos

If you are constantly posting photos on your Instagram account and they are not good quality photos, you may be at risk for losing followers. Making your photos count will help you keep your followers and possibly even get new ones. People want to follow Instagram users that are consistently posting good photos. You should edit your account frequently to ensure that you have quality photos posted.

Doing these six things can help attract attention to your profile and help you increase the number of followers you have on Instagram.


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