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We’ve covered finding featured snippet opportunities. We’ve covered the process of targeting featured snippets you want to win. Now it’s time for the third and final piece of the puzzle: how to monitor and measure the effectiveness of all your efforts thus far.

In the Whiteboard Friday video below, Britney shares three pro tips on how to make sure your featured snippet strategy is working.

Monitoring Featured Snippets

How to Add Facebook Customer Chat to Your Website


Want a better way to connect with prospects and customers? Did you know that Facebook Messenger makes it easy to embed a live customer chat widget on your site? The Messenger Customer Chat plugin allows you to have a live conversation with site visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn how to add a Facebook Messenger customer chat widget to your site.

Website Performance Research


Page load speed is the first thing you notice when you visit a website, but you will only notice it if the website is too slow. Page speed is a huge part of the user experience, so it is no wonder it has officially become a ranking factor for mobile searches and has been one for desktop for ages.

Numerous studies on the correlation between page load speed and bounce rates have come to some rather alarming conclusions: every millisecond counts. With our new website performance research, we wanted to add a silver lining to the daunting statistics and prove that there is plenty of room for improvement in your website performance.

This research will help you structure your workflow when dealing with site performance optimization. In particular, SemRush will show you what the most prominent mistakes are and which of them need that extra attention so that you can prioritize the process of fixing them.

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