Email Marketing Predictions 2015 (infographic)

Are you aware about internet of things? The concept is amazing and while it is being applied to a plethora of things from the Apple watches to the automatic drone; 2015 could possibly be the year when you will see objects sending out emails to you!

YES the emails will TALK this year!! With email occurrences such as increasing number of snowshoe spam, rise of responsive email design, increased mobile readership, heavenly results from the email & social sync and of course Canada’s battle against spam with CASL; email marketing is sure to soar high this year.

The following #2015: Email Marketing Predictions infographic by Email Monks predicts some very cool email marketing trends that are likely to be followed this 2015. A new level of real time personalization, use of big data for contextual behavior predictions, smarter email clients, increased use of hash tags in subject lines, stronger CTA placements, micro targeting, etc. is very likely to reflect in various email campaigns and strategies. The infographic talks about it all along with interesting numbers backing some of these predictions. Read on!

email marketing predictions 2015


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