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There are quite a few facts kicking around the Internet, but it is fair to say that some of the ones on this article are going to surprise you a little. Remember that the online world is not very trusted at all. Even high powered news websites have ghost writers so that the post you are reading by an expert may have been written by a third worlder who was paid a pittance.

You never can tell, so be skeptical of everything you read on the Internet.

If people do not see a search bar at the top then they assume there is not one

searchbarPeople are so used to using the Internet that they are now accustomed to things and quite simply expect them on a very conscious and unconscious level. A search bar is expected to be seen at the top of a page. It should either be in the top left or right of a page. If it is not there then people will assume there is not one on the page and will not bother to look for it. People will even overlook it when it appears further down the page.

A lack of trust is the biggest barrier to a sale

Trust is a big issue with offline selling so you can see how it is an even bigger deal with online selling. With online selling there is no place to go and visit if things go wrong. There is also the fact that if you pay a person online then there is no guarantee that your product is going to arrive in any shape or form. If people are even slightly suspicious of anything then they simply will not buy through a distinct lack of trust.

One affiliate advert in the top right corner is widely considered inoffensive

Considered inoffensive means that their presence does not affect the ambience of the page or put people off the page content. When you create a landing page you do so with a mind to drawing the eye to the most important parts and then leading the eye until the reader is sold on your product or ideas. If an affiliate advert is in the top right corner then for some reason it will not affect the process. If adverts are elsewhere then it will.

The reasons behind this are in dispute. Some say that Google have inoculated people against adverts on the top right because they put them at the top right of their search engine results pages. This may be true because many times people do not even glance at their adverts. Others claim it is because there is rarely any information wroth looking at in the top right corner of anything, from websites to TV shows and magazines. The top right corner is often devoid of information and so an advert being placed there is not offensive to the eye or website design/function.

Putting a beautiful woman on a sales page results in fewer sales

Women do not find them appealing unless they are selling beauty products or fashion, and men do not find them interesting enough to encourage them to make a purchase. The reasons why this is the case with men is rather rude, suffice it to say that you may want to check which websites are predominantly in the top 250,000 websites and you may get a clue as to what is going on.

24% is the highest Facebook conversion rate

This is just a fact because most people do not want to leave Facebook when they are on it. The most common conversion rate is 8-10%, which has risen slightly in the last two years to 8-12% because of mobile website conversions.

Most online statistics are financially motivated

If you were to look online for statistics then you would be in for a nasty shock because most of what you see is a complete tissue of lies. For example, “video landing pages increase conversions by 86%.” This is not true; in fact video landing pages cause the biggest bounce rates and have the worst conversion rates.

If this were not the case, then wouldn’t sites such as the Amazon, Ebay, Play, have auto-start videos on their websites? Even YouTube does not auto-start videos on its home page, and that it a website dedicated to videos. The people who spread this piece of misinformation are the ones trying to get you to use their service to put videos on your landing pages.

Almost all email marketing statistics are completely false. It is very easy to prove this because all you need to do is look around for email marketing statistics. Ask yourself why so many statistics are not the same. Surely if email marketing had a degree of success, then the email marketing statistics would show some common numbers, right? Email marketing statistics exist online so that people buy email marketing services. You cannot believe anything you read on the Internet.

What say you? Do you agree/disagree?

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  • I fully agree with the point #2. Lack of trust is one of the biggest reasons why new bloggers don’t make much sales. And, search bar is extremely necessary too. Thanks for your post.

  • Auto start video landing pages are truly terrible in my eyes and something i would never use to get a sale! Its even worse when it comes in the form of a popunder and all you can hear is some sales guy in the background 🙁

    Think i need to move my search bar upto the top lol, thanks.

  • I am new to much of what you have here and really enjoyed your message. Almost all of my experience has been with outbound calling and direct mail. Thank you and I look forward to reading and learning more!
    Be well

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