The Future Of How We Shop [infographic]

Technology has changed the way we shop, buy, and sell.  It has revolutionized the marketing landscape, forever altered the way businesses connect with consumers, and had far reaching impacts on the retail marketplace.  As mobile technologies proliferate, consumers gain unprecedented access to novel resources that enhance the shopping experience.  In fact, 21% of all consumers today use their smartphones while inside retail outlets to help them shop.  And amongst smartphone owners, 79% use their devices to shop at least once a month.

From social media customer service to mobile wallets and online reviews, the benefits of being a digitally connected consumer are clear.  So it should come as no surprise that mobile commerce is the fastest growing retail sector, while ecommerce is experiencing a boom that is transforming the modern business landscape.

As businesses rush to tap into this emerging market, online shopping platforms are becoming more seamless and efficient than ever.  Competition is fueling the development of countless retail innovations, ranging from pop-up grocery stores in South Korean subway stations to virtual fitting rooms in streets of London.  But most importantly, today’s technologies give customers greater access to information about products before they buy them.  So to learn more about The Future of How We Shop, and better understand the ways it influences our buying patterns, check out this great infographic courtesy of

TheFutureofHowWeShop - Infographic



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  • This is superb DiTesco but for whatever reason I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know what just happened to me…lolz

  • Interesting data and very informative.. Looks like I’m one of those who are still not using online shopping.. Thinking about it though..

  • I agree with this articles. For me, I see a lot user use internet to buy anything. We can see Facebook for example, many seller can make many through it

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