8 Tips To Improve Your Calls To Action For Your eCommerce Website

What are the words that may urge shoppers to take specific and relevant actions after landing on your website? Words like “Write now”, “call now” “click now” that will arouse a wish among the shoppers to purchase are called “calls to action”.

The main purpose of this feature in a retail advertisement is to drive visitors to your website and to help the shoppers to start their purchase during the time they are on your ecommerce website.

An advertisement or an ecommerce website is incomplete without this action oriented button. Here are 8 tips on how your ecommerce website may benefit from this feature:

I. Effect by using attractive colour

Use attractive colour to draw attention to the “call to action” on your ecommerce website by designing in a contrasting color to the background.

Place the “call to action” button on a dark color background with other in a light background.

Different colors have different meanings. Your action should be in that color that defines the purpose of your website or should correspond to the background color.

Choose color to your “call to action” in accordance with your business. For example:

  1. Yellow signifies “optimistic and youthful”
  2. Blue signifies “sensational”
  3. Red signifies “energy, love, passion”
  4. Black signifies “powerful and sleek”

II. Use whitespace

Whitespace may help make your “call to action” button stand out. You should reduce several elements and bright colors from your ecommerce website.

Do not place too many texts around your “calls to action”. Let enough space around to avoid cluttering with content and getting lost in the textual noise.

III. Insert urging content

Organize your ecommerce website with content in the “call to action” button that creates  appeal in the minds of the viewer that drives in them a wish to “click”

The content in your “call to action” should be connected and supportive to the content of your website.  Use words like:

  1. Buy
  2. Call
  3. Register
  4. Donate
  5. Subscribe

In case you are availing an offer use

  1. Offers last till end of December
  2. Validity for 5 days
  3. Get a free gift

IV. Be creative by using videos

Add a “call to action” button with a video on website that also decrease bounce rate of your ecommerce website, increasing your visitors.

V. Design your action button

The design of your action button may make you stand out in among your competitors. Apart from adjusting colors and background pay attention to the design attributes like size, shape, fonts etc.

VI. Place the action button on proper position

Place your action button at an ideal page, on the top of the page, or centrally or at the bottom. You may also place the button just after a subscription form is completed or after a brief description of your products or services.

VII. Tell “not to click”

dont-click-here-call-to-actionThe general human nature is such that each has a tendency to do specific things that are wrong and not supposed to do. Humans have a tendency to disobey.

You may apply this trick. Insert an action button displaying a text “Do not click here” and watch the results. You will definitely get more clicks than normal. It is quite attractive technique to attract visitor’s attention.

VIII. Insert it on every page

Insert your action button on every page if you want to get enhanced results. Limiting the action button to the home page decreases the chances of getting your leads. Use different texts in the same button for different pages to drive more shoppers to click and purchase. Offer different services, each bearing an action button like

  1. Invite visitor for a free demo
  2. Guide them about various problems
  3. Offer free consultation
  4. Offer trial versions
  5. Offers special offers and gift coupons
  6. Arrange a seminar

Putting all together

A compelling action button is the keystone of a successful ecommerce website with powerful texts supported with visuals and several attractions.

If this action button is used in a right way it generates huge ROI.

What initiatives are you taking to make sure that your shoppers get engaging actions after they land on your ecommerce website?

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Kaushiki Chatterjee

Kaushiki Chatterjee is a marketing executive responsible for development of relationship with clients, customer need identification, value maximization, generating leads & customer retention. Visit IQecommerce Blog to know more.

4 thoughts on “8 Tips To Improve Your Calls To Action For Your eCommerce Website

  • thanx for providing us this great knowleadge. It is very important in this global world.Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when often they have fairly simple problems with their site that, if solved, would have a huge effect on your conversion rate and improve your site’s bottom line at minimal expense.

  • It is very important would have a huge effect on your conversion rate and improve your site’s bottom line at minimal expense

  • One thing about calls-to-action that I’ve learned and heard is that you want the action button to spell out exactly what’s going to happen if it’s clicked. For example, instead of simply stating “click here” on your call to action button, you’d have it say “Get Free Audit Now” or “Get Hosting” or whatever action you’re trying to get them to take.

  • I agree with Rebekah’s point that the call to action images or buttons should definitely say something specific to the action that you want them to take.

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