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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. On my end, I got lucky this week as I was honored to be a beta tester of the super awesome CommentLuv Premium plugin. And guess what? I am lovin’ it. I am sure that you all heard about CommentLuv before and the good just got better (no exaggeration here).

Anyway, Andy does a good job of telling you what this 6 in 1 plugin is all about, so just head over there and see what he’s got for you. And if you want a more “unbiased” opinion about the plugin, below, you will find two (among the various already out there), top bloggers telling you about their experience so far with CommentLuv premium. Soon, I am writing my own review :). Is your blog CommentLuv enabled?

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web/Other Stuff

Do multiple links from one page to another page count?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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14 thoughts on “Speedlink V34/2011, CommentLuv Premium, SEO, Blogging And Branding

  • I like watching Matt Cutts videos. It is nice to hear something from a Google rep rather than speculation and talk that circulates elsewhere. He does have a tendency to give you just enough info and then leave you hanging.

    That CommentLuv Enabled Blog List from Ana is an impressive massive list worth checking out.

    • Ray! I respect your opinion but I may not think the way you think and I have my logical reasons for that… Why I don’t like looking for Matt Cutts video is because he is from Google itself… Remember people outside the Google can come up with the tactic that can help you with results and more business but when Google is passing you tips…. The tips will only those that Google want you to know…

      I think Matt Cutts is a great personality and have great amount of knowledge but when its about speaking for Google he will say only what Google want people to know…

  • Hi DiTesco, it’s always great to be here and checking out some great SEO and blogging tips from you. Apart from all the informative posts you shared here (thanks so much for including mine! 🙂 You’re too kind), I agree with Matt’s point about compelling content and full use of our site for maximum exposures for visitors. This year I certainly haven’t been active enough due to you know why, but it’s good to have this idea imprinted in my mind always. Google search engine had gone through several big changes lately, hard to keep up but nonetheless, quality content is the idea.. glad to know that.

  • DiTesco,

    first of all, thanks for the link back 🙂

    Secondly, I have heard from 2 of my friends who have tested premium version of Comluv and they have the same opinion like you – “It’s AWESOME” 😀

    I can’t wait to get hold of the premium version.

    And regarding the video you shared in this post, I like it. Videos from Matt are always good, but I sometimes feel, how much can we trust him? After all he works for Google! Nothing personal, just a thought 🙂

  • Wonderful info DiTesco. I always look up to Matt when it comes to true and quality link building and with today’s changes in Google’s algorithm, he is teaching us to focus on a more real form of marketing. Keep us updated with the new CommentLuv features and congratulation for being one of the first users to try it out. Thanks!

  • I’ve heard so many positive remarks about CommentLuv premium lately, I did try to get to be a beta tester myself, but sadly never got it, I’ll certainly have to try and get my hands on it though 😉

  • Hey DiTesco,

    I am jealous. I am dieing to get my hands on the premium version of comment luv. I really need all the help I can get with social media shares.

    How are you liking the premium version. I just retweeted this article and it gave me 10 choices to pick from of my posts. That is very awesome.

    Is there a way to select a no follow or do follow upon a social share? For instance, could I set it to where it is a no follow link but if they retweet or +1 my article it will give them a do follow link?

    Also I am confused, does Matt Cutts have hair again or is that an older video? Sometimes I see him bald 🙂

  • The commentluv premium seems to be the most talked about plug in lately. I’ll give it a try, having used the regular version with satisfaction

  • Hey DiTesco!
    Thanks for including bizchicks in your round up here. Great list of resources you put together. 🙂

  • Hi DiTesco,
    Some great links that you have shared. The commentluv premium stuffs is really getting much headspace around the blogging world, I am really looking forward to what it brings and maybe after reading a few reviews of the users who have bought it, maybe I could dip my hand into it too.


  • Hey there! 🙂

    I recently got comment luv premium – and I really love the features – like the new “add your twitter ID here” thing. Really rocks! 🙂

    Greetings, André

  • I think there latest release of commenluv premium has great features. I have been using their free version for 2 years, and now I am going to get the premium one very soon.

  • I got cumment luv premium on my SEO blog too.. I think its a really great software. Best regards Henrik

    • Hi Henrik. I agree, CommentLuv premiums something else. Andy has done a good job going premium with this as it is not usual to see 6, 7.. plugins in one.

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