Blogging Is Not A Single Players Game

Words of wisdom from my good friend Hesham of FamousBloggers. And if there is any proof of this, I will lay it out to you right now.

First, I would like to apologize to all my friends and readers for being inactive lately. The reason for this is that me and my family had faced a tragedy which can not be expressed in words. A month has gone by and solid and airtight evidence as my good friend Holly Jahangiri says, is unfortunately not there yet and police investigations are still ongoing. This is really a very hard time for us but life goes on and the closure we are looking for is hopefully eminent. We’ll see.

Anyway, and going back to “blogging is not a single payers game”, I really am convinced that it is now more than ever difficult to succeed with your online endeavors if you decide to play the game alone. This recent event that happened to me has forced me to virtually abandon online activities for a while and if it were not for my friends and favorite community of bloggers (BloggerLuv and Power50), my blog would have been abandoned and face all the consequences. You do know what the consequences of an inactive blog would be, right?

Anyway, about a month ago, I informed that I had to tend to some personal matters and would appreciate if everyone could bear with me during an undetermined amount of time. Needless to say that I have received more than I could ask for. I got emails, comments, retweets, and more than that, guest post from Mitch of I’m Sharing and Aswani of Future Perfect. My favorite community of bloggers, BloggerLuv and Power50 have all supported me during this period and to all of you, a big thank you. I can not express this enough. You all have been wonderful and I sincerely hope that one day I can do the same for you regardless of the reason. You all have kept my blog alive and writing what I feel is not possible.

While I am not yet completely recovered, I intend to little by little resume both my online and offline activities. If you ever had doubts whether you should be part of a community, build relationships and so on, let this be proof that “blogging is not a single players game” (not anymore).

My special thanks to:

Hesham of FamousBloggers
Mitch of I’m Just Sharing
Aswani of FuturePerfect
Ching Ya of Social At Blogging Tracker
Michelle of New Biz Blogger
Holly Jahangiri of It’s All A Matter Of Perspective
Justin of DragonBlogger
Kikolani of Kikolani dot com
Rey of ReyJr dot com
Ileane of BasicBlogTips
BloggerLuv Community (you should really join this community)
Power50 Community
MBA Group – Kikolani, Gail, Andy, Hesham
All to all of you….


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16 thoughts on “Blogging Is Not A Single Players Game

  • I was really hoping to hear from you my friend, I wish I could be there next to you to give my full personal support!

    I hope the coming days will bring happiness!

    For the memory of people we love and appreciate!

    • You where here my friend, in your thoughts. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me. I’m sure that somewhere along the way, I will have the opportunity to reciprocate your kindness. Have a great week ahead.

  • Taking care of family and personal business comes first man, your blogs and online ventures will be waiting for you when you return.

    • So true Justin. Priorities are priorities and it is without doubt that family comes first. Thanks for your support bro.

  • Support given to you is evidence of how amazing YOU have been to the community of bloggers and to your readers!

    Know that you are in our hearts and we’ll be waiting for you. Take your time, take care of your family and take care of yourself.

    • Hi Michelle. Thanks for your kind words and support. It is in difficult times like this that we sometimes know who we can lean on. Glad I met you on the sphere. If there is something I can do for you just let me know. Thanks again

  • I’m glad to be there to help, and if you need more help, just let me know.

    • Hi there Mitch. Once again thank you for your support. Not only did you help but also provided readers of this blog with some awesome insights about SEO and guest posting. In the future, let me know if I can of help in any way. You can count on me.

  • Hello DiTesco,

    It’s good to see you back in action even if it’s on a limited basis. Like someone else said, family and personal matters should always be given top priority.

    Your blogging and other online activities will always be there waiting for you. Especially when you have built relationships with so many wonderful and understanding friends.

    Take good care my friend and I wish you all the best.

  • Family and friends is why we all do this website stuff to begin with. Its good that you have that in focus when it comes to prioritizing.

  • Never heard brother but as you have mentioned life goes on and remember this Ditesco Good friends are better than Pocket Money keep the faith as the wiseman once said he who lost faith lost all. A blog is a blog but blood is thicker than water. see you soon bro.

    • Thanks bro. Indeed, life goes on and I now know this better than before. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Interaction is the hallmark of all that is good about Web 2.0 and one hopes about what will be good about Web 3.0 or the semantic web too.

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