Content Is No Longer King?


This is a guest post from Gagandeep Singh, a freelance writer working for Invesp and loves to write about landing page optimization, blogging, Web 2.0 and affiliate marketing.

Content is not the only king

Content was the undisputed king of Internet till now. It doesn’t matter what goals you want to accomplish having good content was the only mantra to be successful online. From attracting links to branding your product, creating high quality content was the only solution. But as the internet is evolving each day and competition is increasing every moment, you can’t just rely on your content to become successful. Although, content is still very important but now you need to have some more weapons in your arsenal if you want to be successful. What follows next are three important factors which according to me are equally important to become successful.


How much credibility or authority you have amongst your target audience? How many people trust you? How many of your readers follow your recommendations? Your content can’t have a significant impact amongst your audience if you don’t have any credibility. I’m sure that nobody will buy your services if they don’t trust you just on the basis of your content. You need to establish a relationship of your trust with your audience if you want to accomplish your goals.

How to build credibility? Credibility is not something which you can get overnight. It comes with time. To build your credibility you need to show that how much you care about your audience. You need to share your knowledge with them which they can use to solve their problems and can make their life easy. You need to provide them with multiple channels of communications so that they can easily contact you whenever they need you. The more credibility you have, the easier it will be for you to be successful.


Earlier creating great content was sufficient to get noticed. But today only those people are successful who do efforts to promote it. Your target audience won’t come to you of their own. You have to go between them and attract them towards your content. Your good content is just like a piece of crap if nobody is going to see it. Thanks to you, because you are not interested in promoting it.
That said, you need to draw a line about content you will promote and which you won’t because promoting the non deserving content can backfire and hurt your website reputation.


Few years back nobody used to pay any attention to the conversions but as the competition is increasing every moment and cost of attracting traffic is going high you simply can’t ignore the importance of conversion rate optimization.

You might be having the great content but can it convert visitors in to customers all alone. No, because conversions don’t entirely depend on content. It also depends on the usability of your website, call of action, complexity of the action, goals you want to accomplish and on the overall ecosystem of your landing pages.

So these are the three points – Credibility, Marketing and Conversions which are equally important to me as content. Content can’t generate the results if you don’t market it amongst the right audience. Your content can’t be trusted if you don’t have any credibility. Your entire campaign can’t be successful if at the end of day you don’t have any conversions.

Now it is your turn to share your opinions. Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Content Is No Longer King?

  • I still think content is the big boy on the market, and everything else services the king. The best marketing in the world means nothing if the content isn’t good. I think this is the type of thing that makes many of us mad at marketers who push these products that give us junk, because they believe it’s all about marketing and content is a second class citizen.

  • Very Informative and helpful post and also not all websites have great content but they are selling there products easily by doing marketing in right path and conversion ratio is new to me thanks for that I want to know more about conversion rate.

  • Among these three if you perform two you will see that the third has also done. As if you focus on credibility and marketing, you will able to have conservation in marketing too. Because for me conservation comes under marketing. But the idea is perfect from DiTeso. In these days, Increase in your relations is directly related to increase in your profit.

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