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Creating the Right Marketing Mix

From search ads and SEO to display ads, content, your social efforts and more, there’s a lot to consider when creating the correct marketing mix. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday below, he offers advice on how and why you should be looking at your funnel to ensure you have a balanced, effective marketing mix.

10 Things To Do After Your Post Goes Live


Some bloggers (specially beginners) may think that after hitting the “publish button” it has aleady reached the final stage of their efforts in content marketing. While post production is definitely the most important step, following that is most probably even more important. Sharing your shinny new post to your social channels, including them in a newsletter, are just but a few things you can and should do after publishing a post. After all, you do want to be found, right? What else? In this post, searchenginepeople.com goes through 10 things you should be doing, to make the most of your new article.

1. Share On Social Media
2. Do Some PR
3. Get Easy Links
4. Feature On Homepage & Newsletter
5. Ask Experts
6. Process First Analytics
7. Watch Post Positions In SERP
8. Revise Keywords
9. Make Experiments
10. Update The Post

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have other ways of promoting your posts?


#TwitterFlightSchool For All Marketers

Twitter Flight School For Marketers

You may already heard about the Twitter Flight School before when it was launched in 2014 to help agencies learn how to build buzz, launch products, drive sales, and instantly connect with a highly engaged audience on Twitter. Thing is, if you were not an agency, this course was not available for, until now.

In a recent oficial blog post from Twitter, an announcement that many marketers were waiting for has been released. Twitter decided to launch a version of Flight School for non-agency marketers. The new, interactive curriculum for brands is packed with exclusive consumer insights and research, in-depth product tutorials, and fresh case studies.

The courses include:

  • Twitter 101
  • How to create and manage objective-based campaigns
  • How to integrate Twitter into a TV campaign
  • How to drive website traffic and conversions
  • and more…

As soon as you complete the course, you should be in a position to design, launch, and manage innovative Twitter campaigns to achieve goals ranging from awareness generation to sales. Twitter will also recognize your new found expertise with a printable certificate and an official badge to show off to anyone you want. Cool!

And as usual, in no particular order:

Content Creation & Marketing/SEO and Search

Social Media/Small Business Bites

More from around the web …

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