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NeverBlue NetWork
Why not? After all, not every affiliate network works the same for everybody. Some are happy with Google’s affiliate network, ClickBank, Commssion Junction, etc., then again, some are not. While I do not encourage signing up for as much networks as you can, there are some that works better than the other and Neverblue, being an affiliate network is no exception to that rule.

What is Neverblue affiliate network?

NeverBlue Ads is a lead generation affiliate network (as they call it). As you probably know, CPA offers are one of the easiest ways to make money, since it does not require to make a sale. A quick scan of Neverblue’s campaigns indicate that some 70% of them pays you for leads and leads only (CPA). That is what makes the network slightly different from the rest. Their campaigns fall under a variety of more than 20 different categories including ones such as ringtones, making money from home, surveys, automotive, entertainment, beauty, insurance and more.

While browsing through the campaigns requiring a lead, you will find that most of them convert after the person performs an action such as an email subscription, downloading something for free, or filling out a one or two page forms – pretty standard. Those campaigns pay anywhere from $0.50 cents to $4.00 per lead. You heard that right 4$ (or more) per lead. That’s awesome.

What makes it interesting?
Joining Neverblue is not easy (sorry). You will need to meet certain requirements and pass an interview (call back) that is not complicated, provided you are a serious affiliate marketer. In my opinion, this is what makes it so interesting. The fact that it is not easy to join makes it tempting and unique. Imagine if you are one of the selected few? You will be among the “chosen ones” who can proudly promote their campaigns. When you sign up you will get a friendly phone call from your affiliate manager who will be asking you some standard questions, e.g., how do you intend to promote Neverblue’s network. This is where you have to impress your affiliate manager as he/she will be your best resource, from that day onwards.

Network features
Once accepted, you will find there are several campaigns and the tools to help you promote them. Among other things, you can use their “ad banner rotator” feature, which is one the features I like best, and it works in any platform. In addition, the stats portion of the NeverBlue Ads site is great (they are in real time and not delayed). You can run a variety of reports and get any information you want.

If you are interested in generating some money from leads and CPA, NeverBlueAds is a great place to start. The only question is, do you think you have what it takes to be a Neverblue affiliate? Join Neverblue and experience a sophisticated, globally connected affiliate network that helps you focus on results and make money online! If you have any questions or require any pointers to ace the interview, send me an email and I will gladly help (before you sign-up). Good luck!


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