Mega Contest Of A Whopping $3.550 In Cash


FamousBloggers ComLuv Blogging Contest Now $3550

And counting. What? You may be asking, $2.850 $2.900 $3.300 $3.550 in cash prizes? Yes, no ad banners, reviews or any of those things. This is a 100% cash only contest, and will be starting very shortly. Being a sponsor myself (small one), I could not help but let the readers or visitors of iBlogZone know about this fantastic contest which FamousBloggers, ComLuv Network and Social Media Marketing Strategist are putting together.

What are the rules?
Well you will have to wait a bit until the contest officially kicks off, which will be on June 7th. I can tell you however that it will require any one interested to write a unique article and submit it on FamousBloggers dot com. More details will be released very, very soon. In the mean time, you can get additional info on The Art of Organizing a Successful Guest Blogging Contest and FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest. Sponsors are still being accepted so it is most likely that the prize will increase until it is officially closed.

Contest Sponsors

This is the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest Sponsors, feel free to check them out, also check the Online Contest page for more information. Special thank to Gail our Social Media Marketing Strategist for the great work.


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  • FamousBloggers ~ Group blog about How to Blog, making money blogging and blogging for business.
  • Brian Longest ~ GoDaddy Coupon FAN3 30% Off
  • Executive Gift Shoppe ~ Personalized gifts including Business Card Holders
  • Social Implications – Exploring the impact of Social Media ~ Social Implications
  • Local Proud ~ Start Your Own Discount Card Business


$50 Sponsors

That’s it guys. Stay tuned and participate as I am sure this will benefit anyone who joins the contest. If you win, you will receive a cash prize that is insane and if you don’t, you will get the exposure just for being there. Either way, it is a win/win situation. Good luck to all!

Update: 7 June 2010: Official Contest Rules
Update: 15 June 2010: FamousBloggers Comluv Blogging Contest Passes $3.330


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56 thoughts on “Mega Contest Of A Whopping $3.550 In Cash

  • wow! that’s a lot of prize, DiTesco.

    sounds very exciting! 🙂

    • Hi Roy. Indeed, lots and lots of moolah, lol. Give it a go and maybe you can be one of the lucky winners. Good luck

      • I think I will DiTesco. I haven’t joined any contest for quite a while, and this one sounds very different from the other contests I’ve seen 😉

        • Oh! Without any doubt Roy, this is different indeed.

  • Very informative post DiTesco!

    The good thing is we will be able to make lots of bloggers happy with the contest, and probably be able to have a good number of winers!

    Thanks for the great work!

    • Yeah Hesham, I do hope that we are all able to make a lot of bloggers happy. Which reminds me, are sponsors also allowed to participate?

      • I was discussing about this with Andy earlier but we end up to not allow sponsors to participate this time, but nothing is final yet, we will discuss more before Monday.. so let’s see!

        • Oh well, that’s a shame, lol. I was almost preparing that “killer” article that will rock the contest, haha. Do let us know about this Hesham. Dan Keller is also interested to know if sponsors will eventually be allowed or not.

          • I think sponsors below 100$ can enter. I would think a big cash prize sponsor winning one of their own prizes might cause trouble with the natives but, a 50$ sponsor would probably be ok.

            That’s just my initial though, anyone else have an opinion?

            • Giving this another thought, I think that maybe this one we should not allow any sponsors to enter. I am fine with that and I am sure that other sponsors will not be bothered by it either. This should be left for participants only. Anyway, that’s my opinion and would also like to have some feedback from other sponsors. thanks Andy for leaving your thoughts

  • Sounds like fun…thanks for sharing the info 🙂 Very cool of you!

    Let the games begin 😉

    • Hi Michele. yeah, the games will soon begin and I do hope you can participate. It will be great. If you decide to join, good luck to you.

  • Count me in man! Can’t w8 for this..

    • Hi Melvin. Go over to Famousblogger and stay tuned for more details about this contest. I am glad you are particpating. Good luck

  • One of the best contests to come around in a long time. I am a small sponsor as well and think this is a win-win for everyone involved. I am also wondering if sponsors could participate, that is a LOT of $$!

    • Thank you Dan for being a sponsor of our contest, as I told DiTesco above in my other comment that we will discuss again about everything related to the contest, I will put this in mind again to try allowing sponsors to participate, but as you know the final decision is not only for me, we are working in a group to get the best opinions! so.. et’s see how it goes!

    • Great Dan. We being small sponsors (lol) is awesome as I think that in this case “every bit counts” :). Let us support both Hesham and Andy to make this in fact the best contest yet.

  • Hmm…looks to be a great one. Yet another contest but should I participate or not. I’ve been through few blogging contests in the past. But no luck with any of them. And so I am undecided about this one too. Anyways, thanks so much for the info. Retweeted and shared on facebook 🙂

    • Aswani, I think will have a great chance to win with us, we didn’t decide anything about how to split or divide prizes between winner or how many winners we will have yet, but as you can see we got a lot of cash prizes and will mean we can expand the number of winers and try to make it a happy moments for more bloggers 😉

      I know you have a strong followers and a lot of friends, this will help you a lot on this contest… on Monday we will be publishing the contest guidelines.. so let’s hop it will fit you!

    • Thanks Hesham…ok, I will check it out..surely 🙂

      • Hi Aswani. As Hesham said, I too think that you have everything that is necessary to participate and moreover, why not win. You have a strong follower base, lots of online friends and have writing skills which are the necessary ingredients to join. At the very least, let’s try to have some fun with it. Good luck bro and have a nice Sunday

        • I hope bloggers realize that there will be multiple winners. First prize will be largest, second will still be large and there will be many more. As Hesham mentioned we haven’t decided on the split just yet as there are still sponsors signing on.

          I encourage every single blogger to enter and know that I am a champion of those whose native language is not English and those who did not major in it! Do not assume that only great copywriters can win.

          One other thing: even those who do not win cash prizes still win because they get new readers, subscribers, commentators and traffic.

  • Whoa..that’s a very big giveaway!

    I don’t think that my luck could be as bright to win this. Still there’s nothing bad in trying. So i’ll be participating in the giveaway without fail when the details are out

  • On my first visit i found this awesome contest!

    • How about that! Not bad for your first visit, lol. Anyway, welcome to my blog and I hope you find information that could be useful for you. hope to see ore from you in the future

  • Sounds interesting 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome Shabnam. I hope you participate. It will be fun 🙂

  • DiTesco, I’m so glad you gave me the run down on all of the fabulous prizes that will be awarded. This contest is going to bring out the best of the best. I wish that just one winner could be picked at random to give folks like me a chance!


    • Haha, do not underestimate yourself Ileane. As far as I am concerned you are just as good as anyone else could be. Plus, if it were random it will defeat the purpose of the contest.

      Anyway, I think that there is a chance for everyone. The contest will not award only one winner but several so the chances of everyone winning is high. As a matter of fact, in my opinion just by participating is already a winning scenario 🙂

    • Ileane, you make laugh lots 🙂

      We didn’t decided how much prizes will be, also we didn’t decided how much winners will get! but believe it or not, we will make a lot of bloggers earn from it, it’s only one article… and nice prize, you should b able to win because you have great ideas and your are testing some nice stuff, videos ..etc! this should do it, and as DiTesco said.. its a win WIN contest… no body will lose!

      Thank you for the other comments on the contest page at FB, I will get back to you after some work here and there 😉

  • Hi Disteco Great one .rightnow I hvn’t participated any contest .but In future I will grab all chance .So u give my future Goal.pls update regularly contest type of things……I am intrested to participate the contests…..

  • As per usual I think I will stick this one out, but I certainly wish all the contestants the best of luck and the organizers all the traffic and publicity they could wish for.

    • Hi Sire. That’s a pity you will miss this one. The official rules has just been published and it is not at all that complicated and time consuming. Anyway, thanks for wishing every one the best of luck

  • The cash prize is now at $3000 and there is a new image with that amount on it if you want it. Congratulations on being one of the first two bloggers to write about the contest.

    • Thanks Gail. I did not even realize that I was one of the first 🙂 I hope the contest runs smooth and wish every one who participates good luck and lots of fun..

      btw, will update the image. forgot about that

      • I just published a new post yesterday with a new total of $3450 and it has already gone up to $3550 today. I hope you all read my new post titled Cash Blogging Contest – especially you DiTesco because you’re in it.

        Could you do me a huge favor and add the new sponsors to this post? You can grab the html for all sponsors from one of the yellow sticky images on Hesham’s FamousBloggers CommentLuv Blogging Contest Rules post.

        You can also get the updated banner with $3550 there.

        • Will do Gail. This contest is moving so fast that I sometimes forget to update everything.

  • The prizes are very attractive, cash is always better than ad banners or domains.

    I will give it a shot though I have little luck with contests.

  • RT @ditesco Mega Contest Of A Whopping $3.300 In Cash Official rules released

  • RT @ditesco Mega Contest Of A Whopping $3.300 In Cash Official rules released

  • This is definitely one of the more interesting contests I’ve ever seen in this space!

    I hadn’t planned on entering it, reconsidering now.

    • Hi there Dave. I think you should enter on it. You can get a lot of exposure and maybe even win some $$. You are already a member of ComLuv and the rest is easy for you. Give it a go, and good luck

      • I second that! The ComLuv site is PR6 and I will be linking to and writing about every blogger who adds our sponsor’s links on their site! Even if they don’t enter the contest I hope they’ll send me URLs so I can send them some traffic.

        I’m not your average blogger – I understand how to grow blogs and businesses so my links include your optimum anchor text for maximum benefit.

        In a day or so we can ask DiTesco how much extra traffic he gets to this post. He was featured in my ComLuv post yesterday.

        • I concur, Gail, you certainly are not average.

          I haven’t been paying much attention to this contest due to grinding a few of my own axes. Guarantee you I will be paying a lot more attention to it in the very near future.

  • This is really some interesting contest, thanks Gail. I was thinking of participating right now and must say, there are a lot of worse ideas. Unfortunately I don’thave the time but will be watching the results. Good luck to those who jump in.

  • $3550 CASH is the new @FamousBloggers @CommentLuv number @ditesco is a great role model for bloggers to emulate

  • RT @GrowMap: $3550 CASH is the new @FamousBloggers @CommentLuv number @ditesco is a great role model for bloggers to emulate

  • I’m late. I guess you need to start over again. We need more interesting contests like this!

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