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SEO | Internet MarketingAn Online Tutorial on SEO and Internet Marketing

Blogging is a lengthy process and an awful lot of effort must given in order to achieve success. This is a statement that we see everyday and yet it comes back to us, again and again. While this is true, many of the information we gather, can come from different people and consequently, may have different opinions. As a matter of fact, this blog, for that matter, is also (I hope) another source of information.

Part of the blogging process is to cultivate as much information as we can, and thereon consolidate these information to form an opinion. SEO and Internet marketing, among other things, are essential components on our path to becoming a successful blogger. It helps us promote our websites, achieve better rankings on search engines, gain traffic, etc. Understanding the basics of SEO and Internet Marketing is one step, that will bring you closer to this objective.

That being said, I would like to give away to all my visitors a free legal copy of Yuwanda Black’s SEO / Online Marketing Tutorial for Those New to Internet Marketing, founder of New Media Words.

Who is Yuwanda Black? (Extracted directly from the eReport)

Yuwanda Black is an SEO and SEM specialist who has been a freelance writer since 1993. Her SEO and internet marketing clients run the gamut – from internet marketing and web design firms, to advertising agencies, online entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses.

Yuwanda personally oversees each New Media Words project. She advises clients on internet marketing strategies, recruits qualified SEO talent, outsources projects and conducts quality checks. And oh yeah, she writes SEO content as well!

What Does The SEO and Internet Marketing Tutorial Contain?

For example, some commonly asked questions are: how will SEO articles drive traffic to my site? Should I go with the article submission service? How does that work? What’s the difference between a blog post, a press release and an SEO article? What about the duplicate content penalty? Will it get my site banned? What is Viral Marketing? Common Terms, how search engine works, and on and on and on.

Why For Free?

Done properly, you can be impressed as to how things may work for a mutual benefit. When I first saw this tutorial (on NewMediaWords website), I found it very informative, and figured that my visitors will most likely enjoy reading and learn a bit more about SEO and Internet Marketing Basics. Without thinking further, I wrote Yuwanda an email asking for her permission to distribute a free copy of this tutorial and guess what, it was given to me. Thank You Yuwanda!

So what’s the catch?

Absolutely nothing. Well, actually there is.. I would like everyone to give me a feedback on what you think about the report. Did you find it useful? Did you learn something more? Would you give me 10$ for it, if I asked you to? (just kidding).

Download the SEO and Internet Marketing 101 right now for free (on Google Docs – pdf.format).


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