How to make money in 5 easy steps

Make Money Online by Not Spending Money

Simple math:
100$ – 100$ = 0
100$ – 80$ = 20

So what does this mean? Well, this is a simple inflow/outflow presentation. Some of us forget that making money also means not spending money (at least the unnecessary way). The first example means that we had a 100$ of inflow (income) and 100$ of outflow (spending or expenses), in which will net us out to zero. The second example leaves us with 20$ in our pocket because we only had an outflow of 80$. Why 80$? I figured that there is no way that we can survive without having some minimum outflows.

Here are the five easy steps:

1) Do not pay for information that you can obtain for free. This is the reason we blog. We share what we know and learn what we need. 99.9% of what I know was not paid for, and so is free, what you will learn from me.

2) Prior to getting into paid advertising (eg: adWords, TextLinks, etc), layout your strategy very well. A good advertising program (that you define on your own), should give you a good return on your investment (ROI). Consider what you are advertising and see if it is worth what you are prepared to spend. I have once spent almost 25$ on adwords and it resulted in a big flop. Why? incorrect: product, keyword, geotargetting, etc. Impressive though is that for only 18 days, this ad had 186.000 impressions and over 150 clicks.

3) Do not participate in paid affiliate programs that asks you to pay anything to join. Time and time again, I ask myself a question, when I come across affiliate programs that says, “one time fee for the rest of your life”, why in the world should I pay, when I am promoting them? Obviously, I should get paid because of my efforts to promote them. I think of this as a reward and never will pay for promoting someone else. Does not meet any criteria I know about, unless there is a real return for such investment.

4) Buy a list? Why? Building your own does not require a lot of wizardry and at the least you get a bonafide one, were people actually opted-in for your list. This way, you are not only secure about being considered a SPAMMER, but also, will most likely have people reading at your newsletter or any marketing campaign you send them.

5) Subscribing to my feed to keep you updated of any interesting news related to making money online business.


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