How to Write About Complex Issues Online

Online consumers are always on the lookout for an easy answer. They want to know if Diet Coke has any sugar, if LED light bulbs are really good for the environment, or if Facebook Ads will actually help them find new clients. Yet, the truth is that not every question a business encounters has an easy answer. Sometimes, businesses may have to communicate to their audience about complex, nuanced issues that require detailed explanations. While it may be difficult to deliver a detailed and precise message to the public in the current media environment, it is still possible. On that note, here are four tips you can use to write about complex issues on online formats:

Use the Correct Media

On some occasions, businesses are able to answer customer queries and concerns with simple, concise answers. In such instances, it’s perfectly acceptable to communicate with your customer base through short social media posts (like Tweets). On the other hand, some business issues are so intricate that a social media platform is not a suitable place to discuss them. Trying to explain everything about the stock market or SEO in a single Twitter thread is akin to trying to empty the ocean with a bucket. So make sure to utilize long-form media platforms –– like pillar pages, ebooks, white papers –– if you want to write extensively about a subject. Otherwise, your message could get lost or muddled.

Acknowledge the Issue

Trying to pretend that a complicated issue is actually simple won’t be beneficial to you or your readers. When you decide to take on a problematic subject, be ready to acknowledge the associated intricacies. Let your audience know that there are many facets to the topic and that understanding it fully will require lots of research. Being transparent with your audience is always a good idea.

Conduct Extensive Research

It may sound obvious to some, but the reality is that you should never write professional content without thoroughly researching the subject first. And this goes double for longform essays and articles! Errors in professional writing will undermine your credibility and negate the otherwise positive effects of creating detailed content. Manage your content closely!

Update & Revise

In the business world, things change all the time. What a company wrote about their industry ten years ago may not be true at all today. For example, cutting-edge medical facilities like ThriveMD often update and upgrade their content based on new information, research, and developments. Though some companies may be hesitant to alter their most complex content, it’s actually one of the best ways to maintain a good reputation with your audience and to provide them with relevant and useful information.


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