Why Some Blogs Make Money, and Others Don’t

Blogging may seem like a great way to earn a living, but it is a competitive market and there is no guarantee you will make a dime. With that said, plenty are successful at creating a great life with their blog. Blogging success may seem like luck, but some key factors increase your odds of creating a successful blog.

Education Matters

It may seem like blogging is a great choice for those who have trouble finding traditional employment. The hours are flexible, you have no direct supervision, and no one is asking what you majored in. The truth is, a college degree or a strong business-related background can greatly improve your odds of success. As a blogger, you are a small business owner. Even in the early days, when there are no sponsorships, ads, or any other financial arrangements, general knowledge about contracts, marketing, and other aspects of running your own business is valuable knowledge. Knowing and understanding finances allows you to determine if a sponsorship deal is a money-maker. Solid basics in marketing allow you to build a following.

If blogging is your passion, consider a degree in business or a business-adjacent field such as marketing. If you are considering this path as a way to earn because your financial situation is tight, consider taking out student loans to pay for your degree. This degree will provide creditability if you choose to supplement your income with services such as managing social media or paid ads for other bloggers, which can be a lucrative field.

Authenticity Sells

Prospective bloggers often feel they have to choose between being aspirational or relatable. The truth is, being authentic is what matters. Creating a picture-perfect lifestyle can attract followers, but if you don’t provide content that is genuine and provides value to your readers, they won’t stick around for long. On the other hand, there is such a thing as being too relatable. Showing your life, warts and all, can create a solid band of followers. These readers will often be interested in your life and the engagement can be great. However, relatability only works if your life is generally in good shape. Once you cross into the train wreck category, you may have plenty of followers, but they are not the type you want, and you will find lucrative sponsorships difficult to attract.

Readers Expect Consistency

No one is requiring you to upload content every day at exactly 10am, but you may be surprised at how quickly your audience grows if you post quality content on a reliable schedule. It is best to only post content that provides value to your readers. They will be the first to notice if you try to phone it in, and will be the first to call you on it. It is better to post less often but provide great material than more often and provide material that is irrelevant or that your readers view as spammy. If you provide strong content, your readers will not mind the occasional sponsored post or unobtrusive ad.


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