Careers That Combine Business and Medicine

Is there a part of you that really wants to work in the medical field so that you can help people? But is there another side of you that would really love the thrill of working in the business world? Well, now you don’t have to choose anymore. Check out the list of careers below, as they allow you to combine both of these passions into a lucrative job that you will enjoy.

Healthcare Administration

As a healthcare administrator or a healthcare manager, you have the choice of working in a wide range of settings, such as private practices, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. In this position, you will be able to assist with improving how healthcare services are delivered to patients, but you can also help with everything from planning and budgeting, to community outreach and recruitment and management of personnel. To prepare for this high-paying career path, consider getting a healthcare MBA or an online healthcare MBA, as you will get a great mix of business and healthcare education.

Healthcare Informatics

If you have never heard of healthcare informatics, you might want to look into this interesting career path, which is expected to grow at a rate that’s above average. This career focuses on the storage, maintenance, and overall organization of medical knowledge and data, including patients’ records, so if you are seeking a technical career, this could be an ideal choice. You can find a job that will put you in charge of ensuring data remains confidential or you could be responsible for managing projects, so there is a range of paths that you can take.

Healthcare Executive

When you are ready to use your education in business and medicine, you can seek out job openings at healthcare companies that are in need of medical professionals who can help them create better, more innovative approaches to providing people with the care that they need. For example, you might be able to lead a team that will work on developing a new medication that saves lives. As you can imagine, this could be a really exciting way to earn a living.

Public Health

Entering the field of public health means that you will have the opportunity to focus your efforts on community issues with regards to health. Your responsibilities could be varied and they could range from helping to control the spread of infectious diseases, to reducing the number of environmental hazards in an area and improving people’s access to valuable healthcare. You could work at local, state, or federal level within health departments at everything from insurance providers and nonprofits to universities, and more. With so many options, this is a career that will allow you to easily make changes to keep challenging yourself and growing.

These are just a few of the many careers that combine both business and medicine, giving you the opportunity to work in the healthcare field while fulfilling business related responsibilities. With the right education, you can set yourself on the right track towards a job that will fulfill you and give you purpose.


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