Top 6 Most Powerful Latest SEO Strategies 2016 with Tips and Tools [infographic]

Most of us know the importance of an efficient SEO strategy, and the difference it can make to your digital marketing. But, if you’re not staying current with the algorithm changes, then your online presence might not be getting you the results that it could be. Search engines are constantly refining their methods, to make the search experience more intuitive to the user – which means that we have to respond with more intuitive content. Gone are the days of cramming keywords onto your page; now it’s subtle, fresh content and reputable sources.

With 2016 already well upon us, and Google’s new algorithm changes steadily in place, now is the time to cast an eye over your search engine optimisation strategies, and see what needs trimming and what you need to update –and fortunately, we’ve got just the tool that you need! Scroll down and have a read through this handy infographic on everything you need to know for your SEO strategy in 2016. This infographic was designed and produced by digital marketing experts, so all the tips and tricks are industry tried-and-tested, and ready to be added to your online marketing techniques. Who knows, there might be something in there that you’re missing.


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