Your Opportunity To Become a SEO Master


SEO MasterFor those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that one of the most important things to succeed in your online business is by doing SEO/SEM (search engine optimization/marketing). SEO is so important that without it, your success to doing online business is drastically reduced. I have spent countless hours doing research and finding tools to understand the ropes on doing SEO and I am happy that in a way I have been able to contribute to my readers some vital information on how to optimize your website or blog for better search engine rankings. It has been my main objective to provide you with valuable information and hope to continue doing so.

That said, I will reveal one of my main sources for racking in that all important SEO knowledge. Nicolas Prudhon from SEO Help is the culprit for making me spend too much time reading his blog. He provides a wealth of information that others will charge you for it. Nicolas has also guest posted an article about MSN SEO here for me and recently launched a 21 day SEO mastery program to understand the basics of SEO. If you think you already know the basics, think again. I highly recommend you to visit his website and read it. You might just learn something new:)

What I like most about Nicolas is that we have something in common when it comes to SEO or anything else related for that matter. Both of us will tell you again and again, to take action on what you have learned. That is by far the single most important advice we give you. Remember this words – “Knowledge is Power, It is absolutely useless without action“.

Speaking about action, Nicolas is taking SEO to the next level with his recently launched Advanced SEO Mastery program. This program is a must for those who are serious about SEO. For the whole month of August, Nicolas has organized an interesting contest that will award lucky (and hard working) individuals, the chance to win three free spots on his program. Everybody can participate and the rules are simple. The main thing that you need to do is to take actions. The more action you take, the higher your chances to win. What I like about this contest is that the actions that you must do, are in itself a good training ground to implement what you already know.

Hop over to Nicolas’s website and participate. In will be fun. Just remember two things. First, don’t forget to read the 21 Day SEO Mastery program and second, should you decide to particpate, please tell him that DiTesco sent you there:)


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