Think Global, Act Local: Network Fleet GPS Tracking Technology

The right GPS fleet tracking program can save time spent on scheduling, fuel costs, and supervision hours. The right platform, along with the right provider, installs and provides necessary training to those managing the fleet tracking platform. Companies with GPS fleet tracking systems say it saves money and lots of headaches.

GPS Tracker System Quotes

Evaluate a GPS fleet tracking system with a list of company vehicles in hand, including make, model, and year of every owned or leased vehicle. A provider makes an estimate based on the number of fleet vehicles, type of business, and required tracking frequency. Some businesses want the GPS fleet tracker to run “undercover,” too.

Since the firm’s business insurer may offer premium discounts for a GPS fleet tracking system, it’s worth the effort to ask the about their requirements for discounts during the quote request stage.

Think Global, Buy Local

Many companies offer GPS tracker platforms. For most small to medium-sized businesses, a local GPS track system provider may make the most sense. Verizon Networkfleet GPS technology is an example of a national GPS tracking system provider with a convenient local installer network in most major markets.

Scheduling maintenance can be an issue for an international provider. They’re most likely to use third-party vendors to install systems and general responsiveness may suffer because the company has fewer service technicians than a locally-owned provider. Price quotes may be a little less expensive from the larger company but convenience and local presence may be more important to the business in the long run.

Finance, Lease, or Purchase

A larger provider may offer an option that’s important to some business owners. The option to finance or actually lease the tracking units can make sense for capital-conserving companies who’d like to get the benefits of GPS fleet tracking management. If a local provider doesn’t offer leasing or financing options, ask whether their bank or finance company does.


In order to drill down concerning the GPS tracking system provider’s pricing model, ask if any install charges apply. Then ask about monthly per vehicle charges, maintenance fees, intervals, upgrades, and financing/leasing options before making a decision.


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