Monetize Your Website’s Images! Future of Publishing Image Monetization 2 of 3

Last week, iBlogzone hosted the first part of a multi-part Future of Engagement episode about image monetization. However, the Future of Publishing producers felt that condensing this episode into only one episode would water it down, so they cut it into multiple episodes.

Here’s part two :


  • Banner blindness is such a problem that many publishers see less than 1 click per banner per 1000 page views…
  • That means that publishers need to advertising in a way that readers aren’t blind to…
  • One of the most effective ways is in-content ads like monetized images and in-content links.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is the CEO and Founder of Influence People, a marketing consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. You can follow Murray on @MurrayNewlands

5 thoughts on “Monetize Your Website’s Images! Future of Publishing Image Monetization 2 of 3

  • Nice tips on Future of Publishing Image Monetization. I like the video. thanks for sharing

  • Hi Murry,
    I also work on image monetization and this video is very helpful especially for those who are new to image monetization and dont know about it much.

  • Thank you for sharing useful information. These are new revelations. Image monetization gives new hopes for professional photographers. Even amateurs will be able to sell their skills. Websites and businesses which need fresh images will also benefit from these evolving methods.

  • Thanks for The Video Murry,.
    Nice Share. I will start to follow this tips bcz i also want to image monetization. I am newbie so this article is really very much helpful for me.

  • Monetizing our blog by publishing images? Can we do it? I think that will be the new way to make money online, please tell me more about that way, I will follow your update about this tips.

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