DiTesco’s Weekly Echo Is Back #16

DiTesco Weekly Echo 16Hi everyone. After a taking a long break on my online activities, I have finally resumed to write my weekly echoes which as you know is my form of sharing posts that I have enjoyed reading over the past week. Whether it is a great advice, an inspirational message, a humorous post, or a breaking news, I am of the opinion that it is also a great initiative and an excellent form to build your network.

As usual they are of no specific topic and are in no particular order.

So, for the weekly roundups:
Consistency – A 7th Characteristic of Trust Building (Everyone can do this): How do you know if your readers trust you? Find out how.

16 Facebook Applications to Boost Popularity of Facebook Fan Page: Don’t really have to elaborate too much here. Just head over Ching Ya’s blog and be informed of some of the best Facebook apps available to boost your popularity. Must read.

The BEST Way to Generate Lots of Comments on Your Next Blog Post: An extremely simple written article and yet very informative. If you are struggling to get those comments pumping in, apply these techniques and you should see some movement going on.

7 Shoestring Marketing Secrets: The secrets of internet marketing finally revealed? Check this awesome guest post written by Jessica Swanson.

Blog Food Series: 4 Tips for whipping up fresh content
: An excellent 4 part series that provides tips on how to create fresh and original content. This is the fourth. You will have to read all parts:)

In Defence Of A Bloggers Right To Review A Product: A perfect example of how the community of bloggers work.

Dramatically improve your blog in one night: These works and it is easy to implement. Read on…

Top 7 Celebrity Plugins, How to turn WordPress into a Hollywood Blog: If you are on WordPress, here are some must have plugins that will help you reach that status of celebrity quicker, lol

What You Should And Shouldn’t Have On Your Blog’s Sidebar: These are tips and suggestions, and I highly recommend you to read it, just in case.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & a Viral Video: Kikolani’s weekly roundup. More great posts over here.

That’s it for this “I’m Back” weekly echo. Next week (hopfully) there’s more. Have a great week ahead.


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