Ways to Verify Identity for Small Business Owners

During the hiring process, there are many steps that must be taken in order to ensure that you are bringing in the very best new team members. One of the most important things you want to establish is that you are dealing with an honest person. Verifying a person’s identity should definitely be your first step. Let’s look at a few ways you can verify identity when considering new team members. 

Cross-Checking Documents

So, a great starting place is by cross-checking documents. This means that the documents which you require for an applicant to submit should all agree with one another. Common documents used may include a driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security card. There should be no discrepancies between any of these documents. 

If you do find discrepancies in these very basic identity documents, you may want to take your id verification a few steps further or you may simply decide you do not want to hire someone who has these inconsistencies in their most basic documents. 

Identity Verification Background Check 

Another method for verifying identity can include an identity verification background check. An identity background check is usually performed by a third party. You can hire a service to conduct this important task. Performing this type of background check requires specific technology and access to certain types of databases. A third-party verification company will have access to these important tools. 

This is a great way to streamline your hiring process. It is most likely that you, as a small business owner, are already wearing many different hats. Delegating this task out to someone else can be a great way to save time without cutting corners. 

Employment Credit Check

According to CNBC Personal Finance reporter Elizabeth Gravier, another great way to verify someone’s identity is by using an employment credit check. “For security purposes, the credit report can be used to verify someone’s identity, background and education, to prevent theft or embezzlement and to see the candidate’s previous employers (especially if there is missing employment experience on a resume).” In the past, credit reports were rarely, if ever, used during the hiring process. Today, however, running a credit check on a job applicant is very common. Employers utilize this tool because the credit report is an official report which tracks someone for many years. This makes it an excellent way to verify if their information is accurate.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

When you are under a time crunch to fill positions, it can be very tempting to cut corners. You should keep in mind, though, every time you cut a corner during the hiring process, you are putting your company, your employees, and your long-term success at risk. Bringing on a team member who is not honest or who is involved in illegal activity could be detrimental to your success. Inconsistencies in identity verification are almost always associated with criminal activity. 

If a person has had a legal name change for any reason, they will gladly offer up this information early on in the hiring process. If that was never mentioned and their identity is not checking out, it is a red flag that should not be ignored.  

You cannot entirely depend on the criminal background check to reveal to you everything about a person. A criminal background check will only reveal to you past illegal activity for which the person was already caught and punished. Inconsistencies in identity could indicate the current illegal activity they are presently involved in. 

Small business owners cannot afford to cut corners in the hiring process. Use these tips to help with identity verification during the hiring process. You will never regret being thorough when it comes to your business and success.


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