Email Opt-ins: Convert Your Emails Like A PRO

Overall, there has been a great hike in the website traffic! With so many people visiting your website, it is vital to capture their emails and nurture them as some of them might be interested in using your services. Opt-in forms are a great way to capture these visitors and at a later point convert them into regular customers.

However, while using opt-in strategy there are various pitfalls and challenges that marketers might fall prey to and for avoiding the same, it is required to follow opt-in best practices and capture those leads smartly.

EmailMonks teamed up with GetResponse to come up with an infographic around email opt-ins. The infographic presents the importance of email opt-ins, various examples of opt-ins, good practices to follow while capturing leads and bad practices to avoid while using opt-in strategy. Above all, there is a giveaway content and a solutions cheatsheet which could be downloaded for mitigating opt-in challenges.

The infographic is smartly built with good use of animation. The solution cheatsheet is very easy to skim through and you can keep it in handy every time you decide to revitalize your email opt-in forms.

You could have a look at the online infographic version here.

Convert Your Visitors To Subscribers Like A PRO

Click on image for a larger view

email optins

To download the solutions cheatsheet, click here.


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