Most Notorious Acts Of Cyber Attacks In The US

Cyber attacks are a real threat to every corporation, and yes to small business owners and individuals who has an online website or any other form of digital presence. You may have heard about the recent attacks on Sony and the damage the attack had cost them. Despite advancements in security, hackers across the world still are able to pose a threat to everyone.

Regardless of what type of online presence you have, it is always advisable to enhance your security to minimize any malicious intent that hackers may have on your site.

In any event, if you are curious as to which cyber attacks have made history in the US, the infographic below, courtesy of depicts the most notorious cyber attacks in US history!

  • The Morris Worm
  • The Melissa Virus
  • Mafiaboy

Have you ever heard of them?

click on image for a larger version

cyber security infographic


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