Top Proven Benefits of Business Blogging (infographic)

Many small business owners thing that having a blog is just a myth. Some don’t think that putting the time and effort on a business blog is worth it.

A recent survey that involved over 3,500 marketing professionals, revealed that blogging is one of the most important lead sources for their business. Also, according to a recent report from HubSpot, as much as 81% believe business blogging is a critical business process.

These figures, among other things, are just some proof that blogging could be a very important business resource. Nonetheless, the infographic below, courtesy of, lists some of the proven benefits of business blogging which hopefully can change your mindset about having one.

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  • Great share DiTesco. I’ve been talking a lot these days about business blogging but you have a great infographic showing why. It’s definitely one of the best ways to help one’s business get known.

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