Responsive Emails: Evolution and The Journey Ahead

Marketers are aiming high to provide superior inbox experience to the small screen users. Responsive emails come to aid here. While Monks at the Monastery published an infographic in 2013 about Responsive emails, only 50% of the opens were marked on a mobile. That has now changed, and according to their new infographic, more than 67% of emails are now opened on a mobile phone or tablet.

With growing use of responsive email technology, it is quintessential for marketers to know how responsive email design has evolved since its infancy. Monks present a great picture in this infographic covering the evolution of responsive emails over time. The infographic presents clear differentiation between how many people used to surf late night emails using Desktop in 2013 and how this has changed in 2015 with a transition to mobile or tablet.

In addition it also presents responsive email design best practices, popularity of email clients and so much more. According to email client marketshare, Apple devices are quite prominent when it comes to surfing emails on mobile.

You could learn many other stats from the infographic – Read it on!

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