FaceBook Like Takes DiTesco On CNN’s Front Page

This is not a joke and It will also be a quick post as I only wanted you to share with you what the FaceBook “like” button did for me recently. This all started when my aunt yesterday sent me an email, saying “Hey! Did you know that you are on CNNs (international edition) front page news”? Obviously, I immediately jumped over cnn.com and see what she was talking about.

Well I’m not exactly on the news per say, but it was true. CNN having partnered with Facebook recently, has installed the Facebook “Friend’s Activity” widget on their pages. You all have heard about the “Open Graph” or the simpler “like” button news lately, right? If you are nor familiar with this, you can always read this article written by Ching Ya, which explains why the Facebook like button is important. I’m there because I recommended an article written by CNN and my picture, profile link are all over CNN:)

Anyway, it appears that “Francisco Perez“, that’s my real name (lol), is still showing up there and I would like to take this opportunity to ask you what do you think about this. Do you think that this can give someone more exposure or is it a matter of concern (privacy issue)? While you’re at it, what are your views regarding the latest Facebook hoolahbaloo about the like button?


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39 thoughts on “FaceBook Like Takes DiTesco On CNN’s Front Page

  • So cool! I just saw this on Facebook and had to take a peek. Well done! Both to you and Ching. I never even thought about this, so thanks for the heads up.

    As an aside, I fell in love with your “Like on Facebook” plugin and added it to my own blog. Fun!
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    • Hi Heather. Soooo happy to see you here. I had to be on CNN to get your attention, right? lol

      Anyway, good to know that you installed the like button. Makes “like” (life), easier. This is not the best plugin around but it works. If I find a much better one, I’ll let you know.

      • No, you had to be on Facebook! It’s pretty much where I spend my time, searching through my Facebook news feed. I saw you there for the first time EVER, probably. It was the shock of seeing you in my feed that hooked me, and the CNN thing that made me curious. Congrats on having such a fun and helpful thing happen!

        • I have been on FaceBook… well not as active but still there:) After all the CNN thing is just a “tiny” thing which came from FB, hah

  • Social proof in action: Facebook often (always?) displays from your friends list.

    It’s rather insidious, appealing to the basest notion of monkey pack behavior.

    But what can you do?
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    • Did not think about this being “social proof” in action. You are absolutely right and if played well, can be really powerful. What can I say:)

    • Ooh ooh aah aah! *eats banana*

  • That’s a good thing. It’s a very busy website – a great place to be seen which can help spread the good word about the Ditesco brand. Every bit counts seems to be an understatement in this case. Because that’s cool. 🙂

    • Hi Jan. Haha, I’m “sticking” with my every bit counts. CNN can’t be a whole lot more important than my friends:) Now I do hope that it rigs in a little something, lol. How are you BTW, hope all is well

  • way cool, DiTesco!

    Today, the CNN and tomorrow…

    I think I’m beginning to like this “like” button outside FB 🙂
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    • yeah Roy. Today CNN, tomorrow … who knows:) As for the like button, I think what happened was this. I “liked” an article on CNN and many people liked what I liked, reason why it is there.

  • Many congratulations for this rare feat..I think it shouldn’t worry you much. Take positives from it. You seem to be getting very popular these days. keep it up 🙂
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    • Thanks Aswani. Popular? Don’t know about that but I am enjoying this FB like button a lot. You have to be logged in though for it to show up. Got this one from @Jaypee and @Kristi

  • Congrats! I love CNN (except for early this AM when I was blasting them for not airing the news about the Time Square car bomb live on TV). Great exposure for you. I see nothing wrong with privacy since you chose to like the story. Will share this on Twitter and like it too!
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    • Thanks for your thoughts Connie. Coincidentally my aunt’s name is also Connie:) hehe.

  • I like this FB like button. Regarding privacy issue, I don’t worry about it because my activity on CNN and on other websites with FB like button can only be seen by my FB friends.
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    • Hi Amor (sorry for being so intimate, lol), but despite all the privacy issues, I mean only being seen by my friends, I am still quite skeptic about it. We’ll see. Thanks for your input though and I do hope to see more from you here in the future

  • Ha.. catchy! You look great on CNN. 🙂 So Facebook offered us another golden opportunity for digital footprint. I think this works perfectly for sites that don’t offer ‘comment box’, I even had my face appeared on IMDB few days back, but yours is much cooler.

    Thanks so much for the link love. You’re the best!

    Social/Blogging Tracker
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    • Thanks Ching. I’ll take the compliment, haha. As for the link luv, I only link to the best and your posts was just that:) Let’s keep this up, together we can “stand out”, lol

  • You got your “15 minutes” there for sure Francisco.
    But seriously man, that is way cool, I’m assuming it was random but what a great thing to happen to a blogger. Keep an eye on your traffic stats as of the day that first appeared and congrats, you deserve the recognition.
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    • Thanks Dick for the compliment. Still not quite sure how it appeared over there. Thing is I checked again and it seems that it is still there and has been there for at least more than 15 minutes, haha. I am really curious to see if this will affect in any way my traffic stats. Maybe on Facebook, not so sure on this blog. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll post something about it later if it does something..

  • Congrats to you 🙂 don’t worry much about the privacy issue .

    • Thanks Shabnam. Good to see you here and I hope I can see more from you in the future.

  • I’m not trying to be a killjoy but I think that happens when the person is in your list of friends on Facebook. I tried accessing CNN.com on my laptop and I can see you there but when I tried it via my wife’s netbook, you weren’t there.
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    • OK. Jaypee, I hate your wife already, haha. Just Kidding. You are right because I tried it myself and it just showed a bunch of likes, just like Kristi said. Still, I am happy that my friends get to see it:) You saw it and that is good enough for me, lol

      • Haha..you should hate me coz I was the one who checked it, not her. I just used her netbook coz I was lazy to logout of Facebook. 😛

        Anyways, I was gonna mention about the advantage of having lots of friends on Facebook but Kristi already beat me to it. I already have lots of friends, now all I need to do is implement the Facebook Like button on my blog. Hehe
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        • Alright then. I hate both of you, lol. Yeah! We should building more friends on FB and get the ball rolling. Maybe you can suggest some friends for me and I’ll do the same.

  • Jaypee is right… it depends on whether someone is logged into Facebook and you are on their friends list. You’re still on the CNN frontpage according to my browser when I’m logged into Facebook, but when I’m logged out, that box changes to 217 people liked this, 105 people liked that, etc. without specific names.

    That is one good reason to make a lot of friends on Facebook though – even if you don’t know someone well, anywhere they go with a box similar to this one on CNN will put your name out there if you have also been to the site. Nice reminder that might draw people who don’t know you that well into learning more about you.
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    • Agreed Kristi. The more friends you got, the better. Like I said to Jaypee, I am already happy that my friends can see it and it just shows that the “like” button can do some interesting things. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Congrats bro this is a great achievement your hard work has paid off a self hosted blog then featured on CNN WOW thats for the link luv and your membership on itrackthatsite
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    • Hi Lawmacs. Not exactly featured but I’ll take the joy even for a moment, hehe. No problem on your new site. Looks promising. let me know if there is something more I can do to help you get that crusin’

      • Thanks Ditesco you help and support is always appreciated a little mention here and there will always be appreciated still tweaking and ironing out some errors any help is appreciated by the way a contest is running a vetry simple one interested in sponsorship let me know again congrats on your cnn mentioned
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        • Yeah! I’m in for sponsorship. What are you looking for exactly? Shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there.

  • showing up your activity from any page you subscribe isn’t a bigger risk than accepting all the new application form your friend feeds. Facebook new privacy setting by default allow many applications / websites to get access to user profile without any notice. One has to disable the default profile sharing apps / website one by one. :(, otherwise you would end up someday with very rude, and negative comments not only from you friend but also from friends of your friends (just happened to one of my friends)
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    • I understand Fruqan and I will have to again review my privacy settings. It is true that there is a downside, but then again it could be positive. Anyway, thanks for your valuable input. It makes a whole lot of sense, specially in regards to getting very rude comments

  • This morning I really want to visit here and what I find? Great news for my dear friend DiTesco. He’s on CNN front page!!!
    Congrats bro that is really awesome and prestigious thing for blogger 😉 Great job bro!
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    • Hello Latief. Thanks for coming over. The CNN thing is really just the result of using the FB like button and I am sure that pretty soon, many people will discover it as well. Anyway, I appreciate your feedback. BTW, I am having problems vivisting your blog. It is constantly giving me “timed out”. you might want to check on that.

  • Hi Ditesco,

    Welcome to the big time….can I have your autograph? 🙂

    All kidding aside, I think that’s great news getting on CNN’s front page. I wouldn’t be to concerned about the privacy issue either. You are free to make your own choices.

    Looks like I came here on the right day. I find out my friend is on CNN, I see my ad in your Community Luv and and you put my article in your Weekly Echo. Thanks so much for all you do!
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