YUWIE – Social Networking

YuwieHello everyone. Just to follow up on my previous post about this relatively new social networking site that pays to socialize. I had to test it, so I can be in a position to let you know my experience. My August 2008 earnings are a “whopping” 0.02$. Yep…

Who am I to criticize this social network. It has an impressive amount of members and equally in ads. You do get paid and I believe that unless you do get a lot (and I mean a LOT) of referred members on your downline, then this is not for you. I know it is not for me, because this is almost being used as a huge SPAM distribution facility. Almost all comments and messages I received were ads and promotions, which unfortunately were not even worthwhile reading.

Do not get me wrong. If you fell that this could be a place were you can make money online, by all means, do so. I will be very interested in your experience and would love to know about it.


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