Following Feature Migrated to Friend Connect

You probably have noticed that recently you have lost some followers from your blogger blog. If you where one of those that panicked (I know I did), don’t.

Recently (the day before yesterday), the Blogger Buzz blog announced that Friend Connect has been integrated with the Followers feature, enabling your visitors to log in and become a follower of your blog without the necessity to have a Google account.

What Google Blogger Buzz explains:

But your readers come from across the web, from Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, Typepad… not just Blogger. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated Blogger Following with Google Friend Connect.

Friend Connect encourages readers to use one account (whether it’s a Google account, a Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account) to follow any site – a Blogger blog, a WordPress blog, or any other site that has incorporated Friend Connect. Each site that a follower joins will show up on their Friend Connect profile. Now your blog will benefit from increased exposure as your readers interact with other sites around the web – and their friends see your blog listed as one they’ve chosen to follow.

Here’s a video on how to follow a blog:

How To Follow A Blog – iBlogzone

The integration promises increased exposure for blogger blogs as those from other networks can now follow our posts, be updated regularly and share with their friends from other social sites.

For those who have already set up this feature on their Blogger blogs, the integration has been done automatically for you. Your might have noticed that your Followers widget has probably changed to reflect the new Friend Connect features. You can obviously change the colors to blend better on your blog.

What do you think? Will this new friend connect feature actually give blogger blogs more exposure?


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