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It only has been a few months before I started this blog and despite this, I have collected a pretty good number of ebooks, reports, blueprints, and the sorts, relating to SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, etc. All of these material were obtained on a legal manner (as they are all free and from their original authors), and so I figured that it would be nice to share it to everyone who would be interested in reading them. Please note that I will be sharing with you, only those that I think are worthwhile reading and not crap.

From now on, I will give away for free, such material, provided you abide by these simple rules.

1 – All eBooks should not be altered in any way and must respect copyright terms from the original author.
2 – eBooks can not be sold. They must be given away.
3 – Some of these material will be given via links to sites where you can obtain them. Please note that in some cases, registration is required. They will be however clearly identified, when this is the case.

All ebooks are virus free. Enjoy…

First up:
Brad Callen – SEO Made easy. I have read this book back to back and I can guarantee you that it is amazing. A must read, if you want to learn some techniques in optimizing your site for the search engines. Brad does recommend the use of SEO Elite, a software you can buy, but that is totally up to you. For your info, I did not buy anything.

You can obtain this eBook by following the instructions on the appropriate section on my right sidebar and leaving a comment here to let me know that you have requested the freebie of the week.

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