Insular Blogger – You Don’t Want To Be One

Here is a quick tip I picked up today while reading one of Yaro Starak’s blog. The quick tip is “Don’t be an Insular Blogger”. I found this tip to be extreme useful and I encourage everyone to read it. One of the best ways to attract visitors and build traffic is to interact with the rest of the blogosphere. Of course during the process, you can make friends with other bloggers too. Here is the tip in it’s entirety:

I’ve noticed lately my blog is not growing as rapidly as it did about a year ago. While my posting frequency has dropped a little I don’t think that’s the main reason for the reduction in traffic growth.
I believe the culprit is insular blogging. Insular blogging is when you sit and post content to your blog never linking to or talking about other bloggers, blogs or websites. You need to interact with the blogosphere and other people online in order to grow your traffic rapidly.
You can have success as an insular blogger if what you write is compelling enough that people spread the word. You need exceptional talent to pull this off at a rapid growth pace. Most bloggers can’t do it. They need help, they need to share traffic with other bloggers.
My blog tip is to take action by getting out there and meeting other bloggers via your blog. Link to other blogs, review other blogs, email bloggers, do content exchanges, write an e-book with another blogger and join in with the discussion started by other bloggers. Good luck!

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