Google AdSense Webinar – Free AdSense Seminars (Update)

This is an update of the live webinars that the AdSense team will be hosting shortly. A new series of live online webinars will be available, and these webinars will focus on AdSense for Search, important technical tips, and best practices for optimizing ad placements, formats and colors on your site. If you do not know what the Google AdSense Webinars are, I recommend you reading an older post I wrote later last year. Here is the link: Google AdSense Webinar – Free Online Seminars

In any event, here is an excerpt about what these webinars according to Google:

What Are AdSense Webinars?

AdSense webinars are free online seminars conducted and moderated by Google AdSense specialists. This series of webinars is designed to address common concerns that publishers may have and offer guidance on how to monetize your web-based content. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be conducting webinars to help you understand, manage and optimize your AdSense performance more effectively. All that you need to participate is a computer with an Internet connection and a pair of headphones or speakers.

AdSense Optimization Best Practices

The first webinar about AdSense Optimization is scheduled on Wednesday 12th May at 5pm GMT

In this webinar the Google AdSense team will guide you through how you can implement AdSense on your site for optimal results. They will cover the following:

* Optimizing your AdSense for Content implementation by choosing the right placements, ad formats, etc
* Tracking the results of your changes via Google’s AdSense Channels
* Improving the user experience and generating additional revenue with AdSense for Search

AdSense For Search

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 5:00pm GMT/ 9:00am PDT

This will cover:

* Implementing and customizing AdSense for Search
* Optimizing your search results using AdSense for Search performance
* Improving your search results using keywords
* Custom Search Engine advanced features

AdSense Top Tech Tips

This is good and will cover:

* How to determine which ad variations perform best for you
* How to use HTML/CCC to wrap text around ad units
* How to ensure your best-performing ad units are defined first in your ad code
* Using Google Analytics to better understand your users and make your ad implementations more effective
* Using Webmaster Tools to increase the index and rank of your site
* Sample implementations

That’s it for this update. Another good news is that these webinars are now available in six languages. You can now participate in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Just select the language drop-down to see what’s available in your area.

So, have you participated in any Google AdSense Webinar before? How did it go? If this is your first time, sign-up and remember to take note on your agenda.


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  • Now, since I finally got my adsense verified from google, I think I can focuss more on such webinars. This is certainly going to be helpful for each and everyone. Thanks for the info.

    • Yeah! Just read your post about you being able to verify your AdSense account. That’s good new indeed and these webinars arrived just in good time (i hope). Good luck

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